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Q Cells

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We only install 300 watt Hanwha Q Cell solar modules. That’s quite a statement to make.

Why limit ourselves to only one solar module when there are dozens available?

We made the decision to only install the best quality solar modules. 

Here’s a few of the facts that sold us on German Engineered Q Cells:

  • Q Cells make more electricity per square inch, using a nano-layer to reflect solar rays back through the silicon layer to capture energy that would otherwise be lost
  • These modules make optimal energy in low-light (e.g. on winter days) and poor weather conditions (e.g. on cloudy days).
  • The high-tech frame is built to withstand wind of 4000 Pa (83.54 pounds per square foot) and snow loads up to 5000 Pa (104.4272 pounds per square foot).
  • A breathable junction box and welded cables increase corrosion resistance and protects the module from short circuits or power losses.
  • The modules come with a 25 year energy production warranty.

In one sentence, the Q Cell module is engineered to make the most electricity possible under real world conditions while also standing up to the rigors of those real world conditions.

Check out the Hanwha Q Cell brochure to learn more.

We think Hanwha Q Cell modules are excellent, but we aren’t the only ones. These modules have passed standards, earned certifications, won awards, and tested well in independent labs.

  • Q Cell module earned Product Certifications through IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission):
  • Q Cell modules are certified Quality Tested by VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik Und Informationstechnik)
    • “The VDE mark stands for safety and quality in electrical, information and medical technologies.” ~ Wikipedia – VDE entry
  • Hanwha Q Cell modules have won the EuPD Top Brand PV Module for 2016 in the USA, Europe and Australia.
  • See the results of independent tests, such as static and dynamic wind tests, at the Q Cell website.

When you buy Hanwha Q Cell modules, you are buying quality. Quality warrantied by the company and guaranteed by the experts.

For the customers who do their homework, we install the Q.PEAK-G4.1 300 watt version of the Q Cell module. If you need a 6 kW system, that means we install 20 panels for you (20 panels x 300 watts = 6000 watts or 6 kW). Let us know if you have any questions about our Q Cells.

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