Is Your Home Right For Solar?

Are you thinking about going solar? Do you have questions about whether or not you have a good home for it? At Plug PV, there are many things we will look for before we begin working on your project! Let’s begin!


Roof Condition

It’s very important to know how suited your roof is for solar panels, so before you schedule your solar installation we’ll get on the roof and review the overall condition of your roof. There are many factors that will determine if your roof is right for solar panels, including the roof material, roof style and slope, sun exposure, roof direction, and home and roof regulations. Our professionals will give you our recommendation and projected longevity of your roof.



The structural components of your home is important to review before installing solar. We will take an in depth look at the composition of the roof framing members to ensure they can support the addition of solar panels.  We’ll handle any structural work needed if your existing framing is older or damaged.



Our Electricians have extensive knowledge on all things electrical, and will look at your main electrical panel in your home.  If it’s not suitable for solar now, there are different options to upgrade it to newer equipment that will be more suitable for a solar home.  We will advise you of what options will make the best fit to go solar.


Panel Fitment

It’s important to make sure your solar panels will fit correctly on your home!  Our technicians will measure every surface and optimize the panel locations to ensure you get the most out of your system.


Solar Access

Shadows cast on solar panels from trees or buildings nearby that can significantly decrease their electricity production. While a building’s shadow may not be something you can change, tree branches can be trimmed to decrease their effect on your panel’s production!  We’ll take imaging of nearby trees and other obstructions like neighboring homes or buildings. Our professionals will provide you with exact information on what will and what won’t shade the system on your roof.


System Production

At Plug PV, we give you nothing but facts! We will do extensive research and crunch all the numbers and let you know exactly what your system is projected to produce over the first 25 years! Our favorite part of the project is seeing how much our clients will be saving in the years to come!


Ready to See How Much You Can Save with Solar?
So, what are the benefits of solar energy and how do they compare to the costs? Contact us today to find out and get a solar quote today