Long Term Savings of Solar

We love that you get instant perks of installing solar panels, but if you look at the long term savings of Solar Power you will be mind blown at the amount of benefits you can receive! Homeowners will begin to realize the savings of solar energy right from the start with Plug PV, but have you considered the long term benefits solar has to offer?  In today’s blog, we will be sharing some of those long term savings! Let’s begin!

Solar Panels sell more

Not only can adding solar panels to a home save energy costs and help the environment, but it also can increase a home’s value significantly and turn your home into a great long term investment!   In a recent study  with Zillow this past year, homes with solar-energy systems sold for an average of 4.1% more on average than comparable homes without solar power!  In New York alone, homes with solar panels sold for 5.4% more!! Talk about savings! Homeowners who know they consume a substantial amount of power feel that these future savings are worth spending more money up front, and homes with solar panels are selling much easier and faster than homes without solar. 

Environmental Savings

The second and most obvious long term benefit is the CO2 savings solar panels have on the environment! When you install solar panels, you are generating electricity with solar power instead of fossil fuels!  This can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create clean, renewable power from the sun for years to come!

Maintenance Fees

What’s great about solar panels is how easy they are to maintain, and how hard a properly installed solar array is to damage! Solar Panels require very low maintenance and repair, and most solar panels will last about 25-30 years with very minimal maintenance.  At Plug PV, we are with you every step of the way and monitor your system in case anything ever needs to be fixed.  

There are so many perks to installing solar on your home, and these long term savings are just a few of the great benefits.   Want to learn more? Contact PlugPV today at 518-948-5316 for a free solar consultation!