WHY YOU SHOULD GO SOLAR IN THE WINTER: How does net metering work? If you produce more energy than you need, your excess electricity gets sent back to your utility grid. You can use this energy during a time when you don’t have enough. Why should I go solar in…

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3 Reasons why you should go solar this holiday season!

Save on Christmas gift for the next 25+ years! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Think of all the money you will save each year by going solar! Plus, who doesn’t want to lower their utility bills? Solar panels are long lasting, and require little to no upkeep. This…

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The Impact of Solar on Your Community

As electricity costs increase each year,  Solar is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs!  But there are many other positive factors to adding solar power to your home or business! Solar has many positive impacts on the community and environment, making the decision to switch that much…

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Why 2019 Is the Best Time To Go Solar

Why 2019 Is the Best Time To Go Solar 2019 is coming to an end in a few short months. Have you been contemplating going solar? Now is the best time. Why? Because you can get a 30% rebate thanks to ITC – Solar Investment Tax Credit. The ITC will…

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Solar energy: Creating More Jobs

Solar power isn’t just a bonus for homeowners and the environment. One of the many positives of going solar is how many jobs it has created locally and globally across the world!  As more and more homes and businesses are going solar, job opportunities are continually growing every day!  Based…

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NYSERDA block grant rebates help make solar affordable for more New York residents

Stopped on a Dime: NYSERDA Rebate Drops

Stopped on a Dime: NYSERDA Rebate Drops The per watt grant offered to residential solar consumers in upstate New York is about to drop by 0.10/watt sometime in the next six weeks (projected). The average consumer puts in a 7.5 kilowatt system, meaning an average loss of a $750 cash rebate…

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PlugPV only hires NABCEP certified solar energy installers

Inverters: Optimizers vs. Microinverters

(From Laminar) When people new to solar power talk about solar energy systems, they talk solar panels. They’re sleek and visible. That’s where the power is, right? Solar panels do collect the power, but the equipment that converts the power to useable electricity in your home? That’s the inverter. Solar…

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PlugPV solar energy installers are NABCEP certified and safety trained

Understanding Energy Storage: An Expensive Solution

 (from Unison.co.nz) Most people are at work during peak sun when solar panels are making the most electricity. If you wake up with the sun, your solar panels can heat the hot water for your shower, toast your bread, and run your wifi when you catch up on email. Your…

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