Solar energy: Creating More Jobs

Solar power isn’t just a bonus for homeowners and the environment. One of the many positives of going solar is how many jobs it has created locally and globally across the world!  As more and more homes and businesses are going solar, job opportunities are continually growing every day! 

Based on the 2018 National Solar Jobs Census, America now has over 242,000 solar workers. These jobs are providing clean, affordable, renewable energy in all 50 states! The top five states providing solar jobs in order were California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York & Texas!  These jobs range from a diverse type of talent in the solar power industry including installation and residential jobs, sales, marketing, technical consulting, contract development, finance and manufacturing jobs and more!

In an article from Solar Nation, it was recorded that the solar power industry has grown by 123 percent since the year 2010! (1)   There are no signs that these jobs will be slowing down, as solar employment has now grown by almost 20 percent per year in the past three years!  Check out the map below from The Solar Foundation of solar jobs across America. This map includes jobs data by state, county, metro area, and federal and state congressional district.(2


In 2014, the U.S Department of Energy launched a program to connect and provide solar jobs for military personnel in our country called Solar Ready Vets, who make up 8.1 percent of America’s solar workforce!  (3) This program connects skilled veterans with the solar energy industry by preparing them for careers in solar occupations through work and training.

There is no question that solar employment is thriving, and while solar is growing around the world it is supporting a greener, healthier environment and economy at the same time!  Are you considering a career in solar power? Contact us today at for more information!