Workplace EV Charging

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is becoming a very popular workplace benefit around the country and there are many benefits for both your company and your employees!  Many employees drive electric, and offering EV charging can help reduce gas emissions that your commuters generate, making driving to work a simple and effective way to reduce your company’s footprint!  

So, let’s discuss some of the benefits of EV charging at the workplace!

Establish your brand as a green leader!

Show your employees and the community that you care about the environment and the great benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions!  Based on the way things are going, they estimate 25% of vehicles sold to be electric by 2025!  At Plug PV, we are proud to work with Chargepoint, a fueling network of the future!  Chargepoint operates the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network.  

Increase employee satisfaction and attract and retain top talent!

With so many employees purchasing electric vehicles, implementing charging stations at the convenience to your drivers will improve employee productivity by making it easier to get their cars charged!  With maximum station utilization, you will keep your drivers charged up and happy!

Tax Credits, Incentives & More

Governments and utilities offer an array of tax credits, incentive programs,rebates and grants to help put you on the road to a more sustainable future! The Charge Ready NY Program is an incentive program in New York State that reduces the cost of purchasing and installing qualified Level 2 charging equipment that provides public charging, workplace charging, or charging at a multi-unit dwelling (MUD).  By increasing the use of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations, this program benefits New York State by reducing harmful emissions and the transportation sector’s dependence on petroleum.
EV Charging is more affordable than you think, and with the benefits your employees will receive it’s worth investing in! More and more electric vehicles are being purchased everyday! Now is the time to plan for the future and get your workplace EV ready!  

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